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Words Speak

How do words work? How do we use them? How are they employed? And what do they do for us, to us and others? This is some of the thinking I’ve had recently. So join with me as I wander these pathways. Here and on radio over the coming weeks I’m going to be visiting these thoughts and how they speak.

‘Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven.’ Psalm 119:89 NKJV

‘For I will not dare to speak of any of those things which Christ has not accomplished through me, in word and deed…’ Romans 15:18 NKJV

God speaks words through His Spirit, through His Word, through others and into our hearts. We receive His Words and they do us good. Real good! They revive, refresh, renew, reveal and lead us in His ways. We know Him because of His Words to us. They are life!

Prayer uses words to speak out loud or internally to our Maker. In order to hear more from Him we need to listen for His Words in our heart and spirit. Or we speak to Him in our emotions without words sometimes too. Sometimes our words to and from Him are visual without form but with feeling.

Then there are words we use as people to people. Its called communication, generally in a speaking format. We can use these words with care or without thought and a lack of concern often to the detriment of those who hear them. Along this thought there is a form of communication called compassionate communication or another term is non-violent communication which is about considering the needs and wants of oneself as well as the others in the conversation. It’s a soft approach to being assertive. Check it out if you want more on that topic, it’s fascinating and was coined by the author Marshall Rosenberg.

What about the words we speak when we judge or compare or lift up or down or accuse or defend or those we don’t speak to with words but with looks— negative or otherwise? These silent words sometimes speak louder than words.

Then there are the words and how they are deployed, for example through the medium of technology. Where would we be without words to type in a text message or email? We would be lost; those forms of technology are so immersed in our culture. You are reading a blog about words, using words that you are saying in your mind as your eyes scan the page. Those teachers in primary school—they were the ones along with firstly our parents who got those words and how to use them into our minds and memories.

I am interested in words that I use with my coaching clients. My words can convey understanding, empathy, care and concern. I use them once I hear my clients’ words as they describe their goals for a better tomorrow. I use them in different ways according to the different therapeutic modalities that might be helpful. Here are a few of my favourites:

Narrative therapy is a type of psychological intervention in which the inner dialogue of the client is examined for destructive or negative thought processes. It’s about the inner words we believe and tell ourselves. Once those words become apparent to me, then I use words to explain what those words are doing to the heart of the person. It’s quite powerful as they are understood and assessed. Then, those words can be rewritten. It’s so exciting to see the changes that can occur to a life that’s been listening to the wrong words for a long time as they begin to hear good narratives instead.

Open dialogue is a new type of counselling modality in which the client has a voice, empowering them to be heard amongst open and caring community members plus long-term supportive therapists. I have read articles (containing words of course) that tell of people getting free from terrible problems when they have found their voice, to tell through words, about how they are on the inside.

Words speak alright. A million times into our brains go words. From here and there and everywhere.

Make yours count!

Blessings Peta

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