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Introducing Blog Bite—a quick read to lift your spirits!


A Blog Bite in the Tutti Frutti series to lighten your load.

A few years ago, having just moved to a new suburb, the new gym and pool seemed a lonely place to me, so I positioned myself in different places to meet people. However, I still felt a little like a fish out of water– even in the water. People were nice but I just felt a lack of deep connection missing my many friends from my former pool/gym, made over many years.

One woman named Heather was particularly kind and I later learned she was married to the lifeguard Richard, with whom I had chatted on a few occasions. When I didn’t see Heather for a while, Richard told me her lift wasn’t coming any longer and as Heather didn’t drive due to health issues, she couldn’t come either. In a moment of kind madness, I offered to pick her up not knowing where they lived. Thankfully, their house was on my way.

One act of kindness by Heather led to an act of kindness by me which then led to a huge portfolio of kindness from Richard who runs his own website business and has taken on my ministry technology as a gift to me. I had been praying for a long time for someone to help me. Actually, literally years! Richard now patiently nudges me into 21st-century technology, as Heather and I remain firm friends, chatting weekly in the car.

It's true that what we sow we reap. (Galatians 6:7)

Where will an act of kindness take you today?

Do it and then watch out for extravagant miracles coming your way.

If you need a tech nudge person from a big heart of kindness, contact Richard Roper.


Peta XX

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