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Three years ago we moved from a northern suburb to a southern one in order to rent whilst we built our dream home near the sea. When we moved into our street, expecting to only be there 12 to 18 months, I felt in my heart there would be someone in the street I would be able to help.

During the first weekend we had an open house afternoon tea to meet the neighbours and I considered who it could be. Well, three years later, I realise why God alerted me: A father who had lost his adult daughter to a drug overdose. And whilst he and his wife were struggling to come to grips with such a shocking loss, at the same time, they were endeavouring to bring up her child in the best way they knew how. And then there’s the grandmother, with her son on drugs, (always needing to be rescued) culminating in his daughter being estranged from her father and living in my neighbour’s home.

I believe God has someone for you to help today, this week or this month. Is it someone in your street? Or is it closer to home? Is it an immediate family member or is it someone from your extended family that might be feeling challenged?

Let me direct this next part to you husband. Is it your wife? Your children? Whether you know it or not – they need you! You may not feel equipped to handle whatever is going on during this uncertain out-of-lockdown but still there might be difficult days ahead. Well, you do have what it takes. You are the man of the house whether you feel up to the calling or not. It may seem hopeless at times and you don’t know what to do to make things right. Take heart, God has your way through the waters, through the valley or through the fire.

So husband, just do what you can. You can encourage, believe in and support those around you in the ways only you can. If you need some tools to make your marriage and home a better place then please consider the Happy Husbands Online Group Coaching, Marvellous marriages for Happy Hubs which will be running over the first two weeks of December for a couple of evenings a week. I believe that ou will be so glad you did!

Blessings Peta

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