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Un-frazzle & Re-dazzle: Finding real peace, freedom & beauty

Un-frazzle & Re-dazzle: Finding real peace, freedom & beauty

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Want to be a positive influence in your world? Cope better with life’s crazy stresses? Develop inner security? Feel closer to God? Peta’s new book, contains real life before-after stories and strategies to help you achieve these and so much more.


  • About the book

    This book contains real life before and after stories in every chapter. It is written for women who yearn to be a positive influence in their world; cope better with the stress from a jam-packed or lack-lustre life; feel secure in who they are meant to be and get closer to God.


    Peta’s book, Un-frazzle & Re-dazzle: Finding real peace, freedom & beauty, contains answers to these age-old questions and so much more. 

    In her down-to-earth style, Peta gives step-by-step strategies to impact a woman's world revealed through humorous personal and anecdotals stories of freedom and breakthrough.


    Today’s woman is busy juggling life, so that she often doesn’t have the time or energy to realise her God-given potential. Un-frazzle & Re-dazzle is a first-hand testimony to encourage and empower women to embrace their beauty and make a difference not only to their life, but also the lives of those around them.

    It covers biblical meditation, how to uncover and delete unwanted baggage as well as ways to discover the untapped inner beauty in all women. 

    If women want an amazing journey to help who they really are, this book is a must read! Women won’t be the same!

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