Want Better Relationships?

Updated: Aug 19

We all want better relationships. The trouble is we generally need to work on ourselves instead of trying to work on someone else! For many years in my marriage, I felt my needs weren’t being met. I’m a slow learner so it took me almost 20 years before I worked out this truth: to look at myself and stop looking at my husband to fix things. In Matthew 7 we’re told not to look for specks in others’ eyes but to examine the planks in our own first. If you think about it, this really is a universal problem—blaming other people or people groups or even countries instead of self-examination.

It’s about our heart and in Matthew 5:8 God says that we will see God when we are pure in heart with integrity, moral courage and godly character.

Do you want to see real improvement in any or all of your relationships? Well like I had to, all of us need to examine our hearts for any impurities and then go to Him to repent. God wants us not to be selfish but humble and to consider others as more important than ourselves. (Philippians 2:3) Ouch!