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Lay Me Down To Sleep Please!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

As long as I can remember I have had issues with sleep. Apparently, my mother fed me drops of brandy at night as a baby. I had drunk a whole bottle by the time I was one! Ha ha! It’s a wonder I’m not on the bottle today.

Do you need more sleep? Or is your sleep disturbed when you’re under pressure or worried? Perhaps you feel constantly tired or do you wake in the early hours and struggle to return to dreamland? Well join the club with millions of others. You are not alone. A lack of sleep is not great for our health and we really need an answer.*

After much research, at the end of the day, God nails it for me with this verse:

In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You, Lord, alone make me dwell in safety and confident trust.

Psalm 4:8 AMP

We need to be peaceful to sleep, not hyped up with Google or YouTube or late-night horror movies. If we retire when stressed, angry, excited or with a brain that can’t stop thinking, sleep may be elusive.

Instead the hot drink, or a bath, or relaxing dimmed lighting whilst reading something soothing (or hey, all of these) do help. Why? Because going to bed in peace makes a huge difference to the quality of sleep.

These days, I get ready to sleep with dimmed lighting, my Bible and my Shepherd and I leave the work (in my head) at the door of the bedroom (takes some effort believe me). Then, after a little time I lie down in peace. He has me in His strong arms of love and grace at that time and off I usually go to a restful sleep.**

What about you? Do you need peace before sleeping? Find it in the arms of Your Shepherd Saviour who loves you unconditionally and looks after you night after night and forever.

Love Peta XO

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* In my book Un-frazzle & Re-dazzle I talk about this important aspect of rest with some sleep tips I have learned through study and personal experiences.

Soorkia, P., 2017, Un-frazzle & Re-dazzle, Finding real peace: Woman of Influence Series.

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** See blog, April 7, 2017,

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