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Life is Like a Lap Lane.

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

I am a lap swimmer and have been for 30+ years. It is my refuge, my beautiful place. I swim for health and without it I’m not who I want to be. Other people swim too so the pool is a microcosm of different people interacting. Having to get along even though it’s tight and we swim differently. A pool is like our environment—a place to live and get along. Different people and circumstances are happening at any one time.

Here are some life lessons I have noticed over the years.

In any pool at a given time there are different things going on. There could be lap swimmers; kids having lessons; squad swimmers; then there are the aquarobics ladies. I am, I admit, a bit scared of them. They are strong, forceful and have been known to attack swimmers under the surface, if they come too close and splash their hair! Scary.

Aquarobics life lesson: there may be daunting people in your world who won’t like you just because you are there. Don’t take it personally. Not everyone is your best friend. Everyone’s agenda is their own.

Biblical lesson: Do we have a spirit of fear or love towards others in our world? (See 2 Timothy 1:7.) Let’s love and forgive the unlovely because, let’s face it, we are all trying to live our lives (or use the pool) as best as we can!

Sometimes there are lane hogs in the lap lane who have absolutely no idea that they take up too much room and splash everything and everyone near them. Others taking a breath as that swimmer comes past, beware drinking or drowning! They also hit you with their over-extended strokes as they pass you in the lane and seemingly don’t care. They are generally happy because other swimmers avoid them so they have a lane to themselves. (This is lap heaven).