HOW TO FIX MY HUSBAND (and me in the process!)

Updated: Aug 9

My husband and I have been married almost 32 years and for the first 20 (give or take) I have tried to ‘fix him’. Unfortunately it just made things worse, much to my confusion. Didn’t he want to know how to make our marriage better? Apparently not.

But I was doing it all wrong.

I needed to learn something – and that is, he thinks he’s fine. Yes he does! And probably so does your son, husband, fiancé, boyfriend, neighbour, boss, father … .

Who is your problem male? Are you trying to fix his erring ways by explaining, pouting, complaining or giving him the silent treatment? How is it working for you? (LOL) I can hear you scream at this … . “It’s not! What’s wrong with him?”

Well girls, God (as always) has our answer. Listen up girlfriend.